UpDate Websites are a Website Development company based in Woolacombe, North Devon.

    From our vast range of digital marketing knowledge we can accomplish all your internet advertising needs, however large or small we can create a solution to help you achieve the coverage you require.


    It's clear that most companies in 2021 have a website, but the majority of them admit that the design, functionality and relevance could be improved.


    Potential customers using the internet make decisions quickly, seeing a slow and out-dated website will do you no favours whatsoever, we will develop something current, modern and attractive to the present day online user to make life easy for you.


    Being based in the South West, we service a client base around North Devon (as well as nationwide), we offer free advise and consultation for all new companies interested in bringing their website up to date which has proven to already be a big success.


    Our aim is to provide quick and effective improvements to ensure increased coverage, exposure and most importantly profits with minimal efforts.


    This is all designed to allow you, the paying client to get on with the day to day running of the business ....

  • Our Skills & Services

    Our comprehensive range of services will guarantee to improve you web presence today ....

    Tell the story of your company today... Explain to the people why your business has all the right attributes to help theirs.


    Each business and associated website will need different support at different times.


    To guarantee the best visibility, at the end of the day it’s all about keeping things fresh and interesting.



    Advertising your business online is the most cost effective way to attract new customers.


    If you haven’t got around to getting a website, just haven’t got the time, have heard they cost a fortune or just wouldn’t know where to start then you have come to the right place.


    Our prices start from a very basic £199+Vat and always include free support, help and guidance from the start to finish.


    Historically we take over the whole project to allow you to continue the day to day running of the business ….

    Improving your website can only start in one place...


    Getting the current information up to scratch, going into depth and fully explaining the benefits of your company to every possible visitor will open the chance to do business almost instantly.


    Quality & Professional copywriting is an art form, if you can get it right you are on to a guaranteed winner.


    UpDate unique methods are tried and tested , so when combined with our other services we will naturally provide positive results.

    By now I am sure you have heard the term SEO.


    People offer different views on how it works it's a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send indicators to search engines that your information is worth showing in Google's (and all other search engines) indexes.


    SEO is extremely important and there is no way to master the top position for every relevant search term… Its at all about sticking to their guidelines and providing a precise, topical and applicable message consistently across your website.


    Having social media is one thing and making it work is something completely different.


    You will need focus, strategy and direction to prosper in this mammoth market. If you can attract then engage with a fresh and untouched audience you will create many a new prospect …


    Sounds daunting !


    Not an issue for UpDate Websites, we can hatch a plan to get you moving forward in no time.

    A picture tells a thousand words, so quality photography is essential to express your business.


    Creating a solid image leaves an imprint in the customers memory .... So be sure to get it right.


    What ever you need we can help so contact us with all your enquiries.




    Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, video has become more prolific in everyday online life.


    A mind blowing 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute of every day !!


    Telling a story or selling a product is made straight forward by our specialist production team, we work together through a list of questions before developing a story board based on our combined ideas.


    Quite simply UpDate provide a full video production service from original concept to planning, story boarding then filming right through the finished article.


    There is no better or more cost effective way to get your name found or product seen online.


    If your website is not yet responsive (or mobile friendly) then you are at an instant disadvantage.


    In 2017 68% of all internet traffic will be from a mobile device …


    If you are being overlooked now things are only going to get worse ….


    Don’t miss out and take action today.

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